European network (NEIWA)

Government organizations from various European countries have set up a network in which they work together and exchange knowledge in the field of whistleblowing and integrity.

The inaugural meeting took place on May 24, 2019 in The Hague, on the initiative of the Dutch Whistleblowers Authority. The new network is called the Network of European Integrity and Whistleblowing Authorities (NEIWA). The participating organizations are:

  • Federal Ombudsman (Belgium)
  • Vlaamse Ombudsman (Belgium)
  • Ombudsman of the Brussels-Capital Region (Belgium)
  • Ombudsfrau der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft Belgiens (Belgium)
  • Commission for Anti-Corruption and Illegal Assets Forfeiture (Bulgaria)
  • Ombudswoman of the Republic of Croatia (Croatia)
  • Ministry of Justice, Conflict of Interests and Anti-Corruption Department (Czech Republic)
  • Danish Data Protection Authority (Denmark) 
  • Ministry of Justice, Estonian Criminal Policy Department (Estonia)
  • Ministry of Justice (Finland)
  • Defenseur des Droits (France)
  • The External reporting body pursuant to the Draft Law on Whistleblower Protection at the Federal Office of Justice of Germany (Germany)
  • National Transparency Authority (Greece)
  • Commissioner for Fundamental Rights (Hungary)
  • The Prime Minister‘s Office of Iceland (Iceland)
  • Garda Ombudsman, GSOC Protected Disclosure Unit (PDU) (Ireland)
  • Autorità Nazionale Anticorruzione (ANAC) (Italy)
  • State Chancellery, Contact Point of Whistleblowers (Latvia)
  • Prosecutor General's Office (Lithuania)
  • Huis voor Klokkenluiders (the Netherlands)
  • Prosecutor General (Portugal)
  • Ministry of Justice (Romania)
  • Prime Minister’s Office / Corruption Prevention Department (Slovakia) 
  • Whistleblower Protection Office (Slovakia) 
  • ​​​​Komisija za preprečevanje korupcije (Slovenia)
  • Agencia Valenciana Antifraude (Spain) 
  • Ministerio de Justicia (Spain) 
  • Oficina Antifrau de Catalunya (Spain)
  • Prevention and Fight against Corruption Office of the Balearic Islands (Spain)
  • Oficina Andaluza contra el Fraude y la Corrupción (Spain)
  • The Prevention and Fight against Corruption Office of the Balearic Islands (Spain)
  • Swedish Work Environment Authority (Sweden)

We invite similar authorities within the EU to join this network. This way we can exchange experiences and learn from each other. We can also develop instruments, programs and positions. In this way we can ensure that the reporting of wrongdoing is done as safely as possible throughout Europe.