Welcome to the website of the Dutch Whistleblowers Authority. We provide advice and support for employees who want to report a possible wrongdoing within their organization. We also conduct investigations into wrongdoings within organizations or into the disadvantaging of employees due to reporting a wrongdoing. Finally, we also provide know-how for organizations on how to improve their internal integrity policy.  Our services are confidential, independent and free of charge.

Whistleblowers Authority Act

The Dutch Whistleblowers Authority Act came into effect on 1 July 2016 and underlies the establishment of the Dutch Whistleblowers Authority. The Act obliges all organizations within the Netherlands with more than fifty employees to introduce an procedure for reporting internal wrongdoings. The Act also prohibits the disadvantaging of employees as a result of properly reporting a wrongdoing. An English version of the Act can be found below.

Advice for employees

Any employee (or ex-employee, self-employed, volunteer or intern) based in the Netherlands who suspects a possible wrongdoing within his organization can get confidential advice from the Dutch Whistleblowers Authority, free of charge. The wrongdoing has to involve a public interest and must be based on reasonable suspicion as well. If these conditions meet your personal situation, please contact us via: advies@huisvoorklokkenluiders.nl.

Investigation into wrongdoings or the disadvantaging of whistleblowers

If an employee qualifies as a whistleblower according to Dutch law, the Whistleblower Authority can conduct an investigation into the reported wrongdoing or into the possible disadvantaging of that employee due to reporting the wrongdoing.

Prevention of wrongdoings

The Whistleblower Authority provides know-how in order to stimulate and improve integrity within organizations by conducting research and initiating several networks. For more information, please contact our Prevention department via: kenniscentrum@huisvoorklokkenluiders.nl.

European network on integrity and whistleblowing

On a European level we cooperate with like-minded organizations in other EU member states via the Network of European Integrity and Whistleblowing Authorities (NEIWA). Within this network we exchange practical know-how and cooperate on the improvement of the position of whistleblowers.

See the press release about this network.

Publications in English

See publications in English below.